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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 17

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter seventeen with this online demo.


Captain America: Stay away from him, Zola.

Zola: Your fear is understandable. The more super soldiers I create, the more irrelevant you become.

Captain America: There's nothing special about me. Nothing that separates me from every other man fighting this war.

Zola: You're correct in one respect, Captain. You will all die.

Captain America: Someday. Maybe even today. But not now and not before you.

Hold on Falsworth. I'm coming.

Easy. You were drugged.

Falsworth: Thank you. He was going to...

Captain America: I know. It wouldn't have worked. And he lost his chance.

Dugan: Falsworth! Are you all right?

Falsworth: Dugan. I thought you were well rid of me.

Captain America: Careful, Dugan. Zola somehow put his mind into that thing.

Dugan: I suppose it's an improvement, if you're as ugly as he was. Wish I'd been here to put him down myself.

Zola: Your ignorance is exceeded only by your arrogance. None of you could put me down. I am so far beyond anything you can conceive of. You thought yourself the next step in human evolution, Captain? I'm afraid not. I am. And it is the duty of the Cro-Magnon to cleanse the Earth of the Neanderthal...

Bucky: It's my duty to shut you up. Come on. Let's get out of here and let the planes bomb this place.

Captain America: Wait! There's something underground. Something big. I'm not sure the planes can stop it or even survive it.

Falsworth: Well, then we'll deal with it.

Dugan: "We" nothing. You're going outside, where the POWs are waiting. The rest...

Captain America: No. You're all going.

Bucky: Cap, if you think you're putting me on the bench again...

Captain America: I'm not. We need everyone on the field. Whatever's under there is their ultimate weapon. I'm not sure I can stop it. I'm not sure all four of us can. I'm gonna need heavy firepower. Long range support. I'll need you manning the mortars.

Bucky: Dugan and Falsworth can do that.

Dugan: Or you, boy. What makes you so special?

Captain America: Listen to me. None of us are special. If we win, that'll be why. Because Zola and Skull think they're some master race and we know they're not. We know no man is more valuable than any other. We know it'll take all of us to stop this evil from spreading. All of us standing together. Doing our part.

I'm best equipped to go down there and see if there's anything I can do to stop it. To find out what I can and relay it to you. But the truth is, it's probably more than I can handle. Which means it's up to you to stop it for good. With mortars, or airstrikes or whatever it takes. We either win together or we die together.

Falsworth: We'll carry out our duty, Captain. Have no fear of that.

Dugan: Give them a boot in the head for me.

Bucky: See you soon.

Captain America: When the evacuation plane comes, you be there to meet them. With or without me.

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