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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 18 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 of this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter 18 with this online demo.


Captain America: Rogers to Morita. Bucky and Dugan are on their way out with Falsworth. Listen, we've got a big target to hit. I need bombers inbound as soon as possible.

Jim Morita: Copy, bombers inbound! What's the primary target?

Captain America: If it's what I think it is, they'll see it. Stay alert with the artillery, and tell Dugan to be ready. I'm gonna need everything we've got.

Zola: Your efforts are futile, Captain. I am everywhere. You should have escaped with your friends, Steven. Now I have no choice but to destroy you. Call your flies, Captain. Their buzzing and bombing are a futile annoyance. You only bring them to their demise that much quicker.

The power I have harnessed is beyond your understanding, Captain. You cannot hope to stand against it.

Captain America: The castle's in ruins. Your work's buried. It's over, Zola.

Zola: How wrong you are, Captain. My victory is only beginning.

Captain America: All those people you killed... tortured... changed into monsters... and for what?

Zola: For what? For this! One learns as much from failure as from success. My goal should never have been improving flesh... but rather, leaving it behind. You had your body altered. Improved. Now I have improved upon you. You are but a footnote on the evolutionary path... one that will soon be extinct.

Captain America: If this is your idea of a body, you're sicker than I thought.

Zola: How small minded you are. A body is but a casing. The true power lies in my mind... in what it controls. Let the Sleeper rise!

Ha hah, behold the glory that is the Sleeper and be in awe. Don't you see, Captain? You're too late. I have transcended flesh. Destroy my housing and I will simply find another.

Captain America: You can only run for so long... I'll always be there to stop you, Zola.

The planes don't stand a chance! I've got to get its attention... maybe an artillery strike...

Morita, coordinates are locked, fire fire fire!

Here, you overgrown science project! Over here!

Switch bodies all you want. I'll wreck them all.

Zola: You are welcome to try, Captain... pity you only have the one.

Captain America: It's targeting the planes again. Can't let it draw a bead. This should get his attention.

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