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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 18 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter 18 with this online demo.


Captain America: This should get his attention.

Dugan: That's right, down here! Eye on me, cyclops!

Captain America: Shield, don't fail me now!

Dugan: Like Mom used to say... you'll shoot your eye out.

Captain America: That should buy you a few minutes! I'll handle Zola!

Dugan: Looks like I got its attention! Better keep moving!

Captain America: Nowhere else to run, Zola. Even a mind as twisted as yours needs a body to survive.

Zola: Perhaps I'll take yours... it's annoyingly durable. Kill him, you fools!

No! You can't! I am superior... I am the future!

Captain America: If you're the future... count me out!

Dugan, I think I saw something. I need you to expose its neck!

Dugan: You got it, Cap!

Captain America: Those cables... that's its weak spot.

Man 1: If Rogers was still in there...

Bucky: He got out.

Dugan: Buck, that explosion took out the whole side of the mountain. You should prepare yourself for the possibility that...

Bucky: He got out.


Man 1: Well done, Rogers. Well done.

Dugan: Never doubted for a second!

Bucky: You did it, Cap.

Captain America: The POW's...?

Buck: In the forest. We got 'em all out.

Captain America: Then you did it. You got those men out. You saved their lives. And every one of them is the key to winning this war. They were here for months. They saw Zola's experiments... worked as slave labor on his assembly lines... heard the details of Hydra's plans. Hydra didn't bother keeping secrets from them, because they weren't supposed to survive. Each man we bring back is an intelligence gold mine. Thanks to them- thanks to you- we'll be ready for whatever Hydra throws at us. We're that much closer to finding the rat holes they hide in. And we're booking ourselves a ticket to come back here... at the head of an invasion force. We did it. We all did it. Now come on. Let's get those men home.

Hydra: I trust you've had your fun, Zola. Now stop wasting time on failed projects and get back to work. We'll be seeing him again soon enough.

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