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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 2-1 Take Me To Hell (3 of 5)

Check out Part 4 of this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 2-1 with this online demo.


Garcia: A red Gem! What does this do?

Johnson: Shh! Keep it down. That's a performance enhancer. Very shady. Very, very illegal. Gah!

Garcia: Yes! So, Johnson, do you eat eyeballs too?

Johnson: Perish the thought! It just so happens I'm a fruitarian, thank you.

Garcia: The Underworld has a pub?

Johnson: That's right, and vending machines, too. If you are damned, you're going to need convenient access to drinks pretty much 24/7.

Garcia: Eat this!

Johnson: These human hearts let you withstand the Darkness longer.

Garcia: I'm not even going to ask how that makes sense. So, does Willy always take a big smoky dump in public?

Johnson: Ha! You should see him piss. At least we can keep track of where we've been this way. Demons.

Garcia: Fuck yeah.

Johnson: Now here's a fine mess

Garcia: These demon pubes are blocking the door.

Johnson: Hey! Look up there. There's a switch glowing the same color. Hold on.

Garcia: What?

Johnson: Where else have we seen that color? Do you reckon taking a walk on the wild side might bring this whole situation into perspective?

Garcia: I fucking hate puzzles. Paula! Please, Angel, wait for me! [Foreign dialogue 00:03:47] Cute trick. Eat Shit! Here we go again. What's that fucker's fucking hand doing here?

Johnson: It's his world. Nothing's out of Fleming's reach, he's literally got a finger in every pie. We're surrounded, G! Wait, we can use these barrels. They're filled with pressurized light. They'll explode. Over there! The door!

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