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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 2-1 Take Me To Hell (4 of 5)

Check out Part 5 of this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 2-1 with this online demo.


Johnson: Someone is trying to bring down the house. Dead alert, G! That corpse is reacting to the Darkness! Light this place up before it spawns more demons!

Garcia: Is this some sort of diagram?

Johnson: I don't know. You leave town for a few demon centuries and suddenly there's all this amazing new technology when you get back.

O dulcet tones! How lovely.

Garcia: Yes. Kind of.

Johnson: Oh, fudge! What am I talking about? This is what caused those tremors! It's a melody of death! Oh my god! Ohmygodmagamagamaga!

Garcia: Why should I be afraid of a few puny earthquake? What the hell?

Johnson: Are you afraid of that?

Garcia: Shit!

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