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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 2-2 Cannibal Carnival

Check out this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 2-2 with this online demo.


Garcia: Paula, Wait! Stop running, my love! Paula, where are you?

Disembodied Voice: Garcia...

Garcia: What the fff...

Disembodied Voice: Garcia...

Garcia: Paula...Paula...Paula...Hija de puta!

Johnson: That doesn't smell like Paula. Unless she's stopped showering...Well. That killed my stiffy.

Demon: Garcia...? Is that you? You came to save me?

Garcia: Angel?

Johnson: Look out, G! It's a trap!

Demon: Aaaahhh...Noooooooooo...!

Garcia: What the shit!?

Johnson: Demons are like men, Garcia. They all try to "get inside" the prettiest girl.

Garcia: It's sick! These twisted demons!

Johnson: Yes, well, that's the reason I left.

Garcia: Fuck this pendejo! If Mr. Man-on-Monster wants to play... Magnifico. Where is that bastard?

Johnson: He must be hiding around here somewhere. Hello? Anybody home?

Garcia: Show yourself, hellmonkey!

Johnson: I think he's scared of you.

Garcia: He should be, J. He should be. Feels good!

Johnson: Nice rock, shove it into my face, G. Trust me. It doesn't mean we're engaged or anything!

Garcia: Might be a tight fit...but okay. So what exactly did that do?

Johnson: Blue gems let me transform into new TOOLS OF WAR. New GEARS OF ME. In other words...

Garcia: A new weapon. Magnifico.

Johnson: You know, I bet all the VIPs are walking around with blue gems.

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