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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 2-3 What A Wonderful World (3 of 5)

Check out Part 4 of this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 2-3 with this online demo.


Garcia: What's the shit is that?

Johnson: Let's take a closer look.

Christopher: Well, hidey ho! Name's Christopher. Now don't y'all be afraid. I ain't going to bite, trust me. You see I'm whatcha call a mix-cher of beast and human. Best of both worlds, my pappy said! But what are you doing around these parts? Ain't you a mortal?

Garcia: Why should I tell you? All I see is demon.

Christopher: Well, shucks. You got to look underneath the leathery exterior. Deep down, I am a sensitive and understanding listener.

Garcia: Some asswipe named Fleming stole my girl and took her to his castle. I am here to take her back.

Christopher: Meaning you're on a quest to kick the Prince of Evil's ass-holy shit. Oh, I want to get in on some of this action. How can I help, huh? How can I?

Garcia: Well, I hope you're offering more than just enthusiasm.

Christopher: I tell you what. I get purdy hungry and I just love them white gems. You get enough of those and we can trade. With the right incentative. I might even be able to introduce you to some real product. Know what I mean?

Garcia: Magnifico.

Christopher: Okay, then chuck them spaklies right down the hatch. Go on! Feed me! Take care now! Looking for any rare items?

Johnson: I'm surprised Christopher hasn't had a visit from the GEA. You read about gem busts all the time?

Christopher: Happy trails!

Garcia: What's this? Sushi with a dick?

Johnson: These guy's may look ugly but they're actually quite useful!

Garcia: Are they friendly?

Johnson: Yes! I kept one as a pet. Hit them with light and they'll keep you safe.

A cemetery.

Garcia: Really? I had no idea.

Johnson: No there isn't no need to get snippy. It's just, this wasn't here before. Since when do demons get buried?

Garcia: Since I came to town.

Johnson: Who did this? "Mr. X"?

Garcia: Only a demon hunter could kill this many and not be lying dead next to them.

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