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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 3-1 It's A BugHunt (2 of 2)

Check out this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 3-1 with this online demo.


Paula: Garcia!!

Garcia: No! Paula is mine! Imbecile! Hijo do. I thought something stank.

Johnson: Um, let's not make the Sister mad, G.

Sister Grim: Get out of my way...unless you want to feel the cut of my scythe.

Johnson: Nice one, G. Now we're in a fight to the death...WITH DEATH. They say a Sister Grim's greatest fear is hot flashes! And no wonder. Look how menopause treated her.

Garcia: Feels good! Paula...Angel...Why can't I stop them from killing you?

Johnson: Now here's a pretty prize. Mm-hmm, I smell an upgrade! Plug it in, G!

Demon Voice: Well done!

Johnson: Hey, fill those cracks with your explosive Hot Boner! You heard me.

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