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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 4-5 Suburban Nightmares (2 of 5)

Check out part 3 of this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 4-5 with this online demo.


Garcia: Do the other demons even like Fleming?

Johnson: You sort of learn to fake it. He's been top demon longer than any of us can remember. A few fanatics even decided to worship him. As if that would save them.

Seriously creepy vibes. We're practically in Fleming's front yard now. Are you sure we should press on?

Garcia: I'm a Mexi-can, Johnson. Not a Mexi-can't.

Johnson: Bravo, G. Highly original.

They're armored. You need to find a way to flip things to your advantage.

Garcia: Magnífico. It's good.

Paula: Garcia!

Garcia: Paula!

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