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Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: Act 4-5 Suburban Nightmares (5 of 5)

Check out this Shadows of the Damned walkthrough and beat Act 4-5 with this online demo.


Garcia: Eat shit! Magnifico! Feels good! [Inaudible 00:03:25]. Motherfucker! Magnifico! Magnifico! Fuck!

Demon voice: Well done.

Garcia: Eat this! Paula!

Johnson: Is this the part where I "speak now instead of holding my peace"?

Garcia: Shut up. Paula, it's really you, isn't it.

Paula: You came for me! I'm so happy. I can't tell you how long I've been here.

Garcia: I'm sorry it took me so long, baby.

Paula: No apologies, Garica. You're here. That's what's important.

Garcia: Hmph!?

Johnson: I've got ya! There there, G. Inside every good girl is a bad girl just waiting to get out.

Garcia: You want to flirt with danger, puta? Then put on your best dress, because tonight... I am taking you out.

Demon Voice: Well done.

Garcia: Pinche cabron! Fuck!

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