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How to Blend Hair Tracks for a Quick Weave

Learn how to blend hair tracks for a quick weave from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Okay. So, now I want you to see how the hair looks after we combed her hair down. So, she has darker hair at the bottom so we used a track. And now we're going to blend it in to the rest of her hair.

I like to take sections on an angle. So, if you look at the angle of the hair you can see up here where her hair is and down here where her hair is. You use that as your guide.

And this darker piece is the extension. So, use the tip of your scissors and just cut right into that. And we're going to continue that all the way around.

Now that we finished cutting and blending the hairpiece you can see it. It's like right here. Right here. Maybe just a little bit of length. Kind of there was a like little broken area so I kind of blended that in.

Now I'm going to flat iron the hairpiece and comb in into her hair.

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