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How to Attach a Half Wig

Learn how to attach a half wig from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


And now, I'm going to show you how to put on a half wig. Janelle has very
fine, soft hair. So what we're going to do, we're going to separate it in
the front. add this hair because a half wig is only for half a head. You
want to do it from ear to ear. We're going to push that hair forward and
then back comb and/or tease the hair that we're going to attach the half
wig to.

So, you want to keep going down. Really small strokes right at the top of
the head. So, you go here and then over here. Now sometimes, you can take
some hair spray and spray the roots a little bit just to give it a little
more stiffness. Usually with a half wig, it comes with a comb already
attached. So, the comb is here in the half wig. and underneath it's just

So after doing that, you can secure the hair in the back here. So what you
can do is take the hair in the back and you can pull it together. Leave
out your front hair. And, you can pull it together in a ponytail with or
without a rubber band, depending on how you like it. I don't like to use
rubber bands too often. So, we're just going to do a quick knot in the
back. And secure it with some hair pins.

This is a quick, I'm getting ready to go out Saturday night, and I need
some hair. So, you take your half wig with the comb. Clear all the hair
away. Put it at the scalp underneath where you back combed the hair. Pull
it forward and press it back. So, you should be able to have a tight grip
right here. Then take the back of the wig and pull it down over the rest
of your head.
And from there, you can then secure the rest of the wig with more hair
pins. A good way to really secure your wigs is to take one hair pin and
put it in. And take a second hair pin and make like an X. It makes a
really secure anchor. And that way the wig doesn't move. You can also
make a braid and secure it with the braid, also. But if you make the X,
you should be able to get away with it all night without any mishaps.
So after you have your wig on, take the front hair, back comb just a little
and place it over the front of your half wig. Use a little spray to

And now you're ready for Saturday night.

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