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How to Attach Clip-In Hair Extensions

Learn how to attach clip-in hair extensions from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today we're going to do clip ins. Now you can do a little or you can do a lot so we're gonna do just a few for a little added fullness on the side and color.

The clip ons usually come pre-cut with the clips already attached. For me, I'm gonna cut a few of the clips off so that I can get the size that I want.

For the top row I'm going to part off about an inch and a half of hair. Then I'm going to back comb it or tease it, very small strokes at the root to add some foundation to apply the clip.

I'm gonna spray for a little extra hold and back comb a little more. I'm gonna apply this clip on an angle because I want the hair to come a little forward.

So you press the clips open onto the scalp and then you press them. Then I'm gonna go beneath that one and do the same thing again. Going to back comb, going to spray and going to back comb again. Then I cut a single clip, just a single clip, and I put it in where I back comb and then press.

And I already cut them to blend into the hair. So you take her hair and you comb it down over the top. So I gave her a little bit more length, flat iron it just to blend it a little bit at the bottom. You don't want to flat iron fine hair too often because it makes it flatter.

There. And now you know how to put in clip ins.

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