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How to Prevent Tangled Extensions

Learn how to prevent tangling in hair extensions from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today we're going to speak about how to prevent tangling in your extensions. It's going to depend on the quality of hair you use for your extensions. Now usually, if you're buying packaged hair, most people don't wash it because they say it changes it. I gets tangled.

One of the biggest mistakes that people use when it comes to extensions is that they try to use the same shampoo that they use on their hair. The main thing to remember when washing your extensions is to use a detangling shampoo or a moisturizing shampoo. Do not use a shampoo that says "for fine hair," because that's going to pull out the oils, and it's going to dry out your extensions. So you don't want to do that.

The other thing is, if you go swimming or take a shower, wash your hair, don't just lie down on your extensions. Comb them out. Run your conditioner through, and put them in braids or maybe a ponytail, or put it way up high on top of your head. Comb through it while it's wet so that you don't fall asleep or lie down on it and allow it to dry, and it gets tangled up.

The other way of not allowing your extensions to get tangled is to really keep them up in a ponytail when you sleep and wrap them at night. That way, you'll keep your extensions nice and straight and sleek, and you won't have to worry about tangling.

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