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How to Care for Your Hair Weave

Learn how to care for your hair weave from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today let's speak about how to care for your weave. Now if you have a glue in weave you know that you cannot use any oil on your hair. You should still wrap it up at night and you should probably take it out after about two weeks. I don't recommend using glue for a long amount because if your hair is not protected underneath your natural hair could be damaged by the glue. If you're wearing a sew in weave taking care of your hair should be as if you didn't have a weave.

You still should wash it, you still should condition it regularly. You should take your weave out at least like every three to four months. You should not leave your weave in over four months. You should try to apply an antiseptic to the scalp to make sure that there is no bacteria build up, especially if you work out a lot. The other thing with the braided weave is you want to also make sure when you wash your hair that you absolutely go under a dryer and dry the base, which is the braids, where the braids are. If you don't dry them properly it can cause the hair to grow bacteria, you can possibly get mold in the hair, and then it also cause your weave to smell.

It's sort of like a smell that you would get if you put damp clothes in the dryer and you never turned it on. So you want to really care for your hair under your weave. It doesn't matter that your weave looks good if your hair underneath isn't doing well.

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