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How to Make an Invisible Part in a Weave

Learn how to make an invisible part for your hair weave from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today we're gonna talk about some tips for the invisible part. So far we have glued on weave up to where we want to have the part. We use a stocking cap to help protect her hair and we spritzed it down so it would stick to the hair and we cut the stocking cap where we want our part. I also like to use a closure at the top. So, when you have the tracks coming down, the closure comes down and splits right over on top of your tracks. So, after you've gotten your weave glued to this point, you want to start stacking your layers.

So first you gonna split your tracks. So this is how thin the track looks after you split it. And you want to take your track and you want to measure it so that it comes up a little curve for that first one. So that when you bring the hair to the side it looks a little like that. So we're gonna measure this one right about there. Then we're gonna apply our glue to the track. Let it dry. I'm gonna cut a few more pieces just to get ahead of the game. Make sure you get the glue all the way to the ends, 'cause you wanna make sure you don't have any ends sticking up. So now we're gonna take our first track and we want to place it curve right at the edge of your stocking cap. And we get our next one. And we're gonna continue this all the way up on our part. 'Cause then you gonna end up with a look. You're gonna do that on both sides.

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