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What Are the Best Human Hair Weaves?

Learn about the best human hair weaves from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Many people ask which the best extensions to use for weaving are. There really isn't an answer for that because everyone has their own preference. The best weave to use is what's best for you. Now, there are different types of weaving hair. You can get synthetic weaving hair, you can get human hair weaving hair or you can get a different type of human hair weaving hair. They have Korean, they have Indian, they have Brazilian, there's Italian. So there are a whole lot of choices out there.

What you're going to have to do is really a trial and error. First start with what kind of style are you trying to achieve. Now, usually the cheaper the hair the harder it's going to feel, the more it's going to tangle. The more it's going to shed. The more it may itch your neck. The more possibility that it wasn't cleaned properly when it was put into the packaging.

If you go into a mid-range, you can get some nice human hair. Sometimes they blend it with a little bit of synthetic to try and fill it out for the weight. You can still use a flat iron but sometimes you see a little bit melt on the iron, or it'll tangle and it does not last as long and it also sheds.

Then you can move up another notch to say, maybe Indian Remy that you can get at a beauty supply, which may be better than just regular just human hair. You get the Remy hair which is supposed to be a blend with the Indian Remy hair and it's supposed to be single drawn, which means that it shouldn't be too processed or whatever. That hair also can be kind of rough, depending on whom the manufacturer is.

So for me, I like to use hair that is processed by a factory. I get the raw Indian hair and I will color it or if the factory that I'm buying the hair from does coloring, I will allow them to color it. That hair seems to work the best. Also with that hair you can apply heat to it, you can apply color to it, you can make it any curl that you want. So whatever curl you have in your natural hair, you can actually have it made out of the Indian and natural Indian hair.

So again, the best weaving hair to use is going to be whatever you like best.

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