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Pros & Cons of a Fusion Hair Weave

Learn the pros and cons of the fusion hair weave technique from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today we're going talk about the pros and cons of fusion. For me, the pros of fusion would be that they're versatile, they're individual. So your scalp gets air, and you can move them around, and it's easy to run your fingers through it. You can kind of decide how much hair you want in each place, when you use fusion. The cons that I have with fusion are that it puts too much weight on your natural hair. So you have the bonding, the wax or the glue, or whatever link that they're going to use to attach the strands of hair to your head. So, you have your natural hair, then you have the strands, then you have the bonding element which may be glue or a link, or whatever. That element that's used to attach to your hair can cause more stress on your natural hair, causing the follicles to be damaged. That I don't like. The other con that I have with fusion, is as it grows out, those places where the hair is attached to your scalp actually can get caught in your brush or in your comb when you're doing your hair. And that can cause you to lose hair and sometimes permanently damage your hair follicles. Another con of using fusion for me, is that if you're using a bonding element that is done with heat, when you go in the sun, it can get soft again and your bonding pieces can fall out. Those are the pros and cons that I have, about fusion.

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