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Pros & Cons of the No Braids No Glue Hair Weave Technique

Learn the pros and cons of the no braids no glue weave technique from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today, we are going to talk about no braids, no glue technique of weaving hair. Now, with that technique, most of the time it involves taking a section of hair, having some loose extension hair, and wrapping that section and loose extension hair together, binding them together with either string or other extension hair that is wrapped around the base of where it is put together. Again, it's a very versatile method, you can move it around, you can pull your hair up, you can let it hand down. But, if you don't have long hair, it's hard to cover it, so that would be a con for that.

The other issue that I would have with no braids, no glue, that if you don't have a relaxer and you do that, part of your hair is left out. So, if it gets wet, your hair is going to revert back to its natural state, while the extension hair will stay straight. Now, although your scalp can get air and you can manipulate your scalp and you can feel your scalp, you still have to deal with your natural hair way more than you would have to do in, say, a sewing method. So, that's my pros and cons of no braids, no glue.

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