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Pros & Cons of Tree Braiding Hair

Learn the pros and cons of tree braiding from celebrity hairstylist Ellin LaVar in this Howcast black hair tutorial.


Today, we're talking about tree braiding, and the pros and cons of tree braiding. Now, tree braiding is a method that people use. That way, they don't use any needles, threads, anything in your hair. So you cornrow the hair while using extensions -- so loose extension -- and you lead the ends of the extensions out of the braids, as if they were like branches of a tree. So you cornrow a little bit, leave out some extensions, cornrow a little bit, leave out some extensions, cornrow a little bit, leave out some extensions.

The pros of that is that you're not using anything else in your hair. You're not using any thread, no needles, no glue, no net, nothing. You're just using your hair and your extension hair. So if you really want to grow your hair and you don't want too much manipulation and anything in your hair, then that's the best method.

Now, a con for that method is that you're kind of limited in what you can do with your hair with that. You can add as much hair as you want if you don't have enough hair yourself. So if you have very fine hair or very thin hair, or silky hair, it's hard to keep the braids together, because there's no extra threading or anything to help to anchor the braid together.

The other con with that is that as you lead the pieces out, because there's nothing to hold them in, when you comb the hair, you're more likely to lose more hair. Have a lot of shedding.

That's how I feel about tree braiding.

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