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How to Do Black Hairstyles with Ellin LaVar

Learn about Ellin Lavar, one of Howcast's experts in African American hairstyles and hair weaves, in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Ellen Lavarre and I own Lavarre Hair Designs. I've only done hair. I love hair. I used to do hair in my dorm room. I actually used braiding to pay my way through college. I have a line of hair care products called Ellen Lavarre Textures and they are available here at Lavarre Hair Designs. I love my clients here. I never disrespect their time. Once I'm here, I'm there.

I'm not on the phone, not eating over their head, I'm always focused on my client. As a stylist I would say I've had a really good vibe. I had invented a hairstyle called invisible braids, where the hair was braided and then tied and then let out and it looked like it was hair grown right out of your scalp. I met Whitney Houston in 1984. I started doing her hair with the invisible braids and I stayed with her for like 25 years then I was doing Patti LaBelle, Iman, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, I've even done Oprah. I've done a lot of movies that featured in Allure, Essence, Glamour, and Vogue.

I've been on television many times. I've been on Oprah about six times I think it is. I've also appeared on and I've done hair for America's Next Top Model. So I've had a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. You can see a lot about me on my website at At any time of the day you can request appointments online and you can even ask me questions online and I will answer your questions for you.

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