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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Home

Check out part 2 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 1 with this online demo.


Joe: I killed Nathan Hale. I had no choice. He was becoming one of them. He could have stopped me, but I think he wanted to die. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Even in death, Hale continued to fight. Doctor Malikov found a unique protein in Hale's blood. He isolated it--created a vaccine. Finally, a cure for the Chimera virus.

We were all inoculated. Saved again by Hale, one last time. Hale was the hero, and I was the villain.

Ninety percent of the world's population had been killed or converted by the Chimera. Those of us remaining did what we could to remind ourselves we were human. Susan and I found each other, fell in love. We both wanted to forget the past. We vowed to stop fighting, and start living. I kept that vow as long as I could.

Susan: Joe. Hey, Joe. Hey, sorry to wake you. Did you have a good sleep? Dale said he's got your Bullseye ready at the range.

Thanks for staying up with Jack last night. I didn't think he'd ever get to sleep. Maybe he had another fever. Or maybe he just wanted to spend more time with his daddy.

Male 1: North Outpost, all clear. It's a cold one out here today, boys.

Male 2: South Outpost, all clear. Hey Dixie, want to bring me some more coffee?

Female: Good morning, Joe.

Winston: Hey, Joe. How's Jack doin' today? Poor kid sounded like he was coughing up a lung last night.

Lester: Mornin', Joe. Say, listen. Dale's got your Bullseye ready. But watch it, he's mighty cranky this morning. Been that way since we ran out of bourbon. Man needs his bourbon.

Myrna: Good morning, Joseph. I'm making a new sweater for your boy, double knit. Should keep him nice and warm.

Dale: Joe! What in the Sam hell took you so long? Here, got your Bullseye all fixed up. Now, I ain't fired it yet. You know how I feel about workin' on these goddamn alien things.

Vernon: Hey, look. Joe's got a Bullseye. Neato!

Tony: Good one, Joe!

Vernon: Pop told me it's a lot more accurate when you use the sights.

Tony: All right!

Vernon: Try zoomin' in on 'em. That was cool.

Tony: When you tag somebody, all your shots hit 'em, even if you're not aiming at 'em. Look. See that red line?

Dale: Hey, you boys, quit pesterin' Joe. Or I'll run you both outta here, I will. I filled a crack in the buttstock of that Bullseye. Let's make sure she's sound. Try whackin' this dummy for me.

Well, that worked. I guess. Huh. Okay. Let's see the Magnum. Hm. Yeah, okay. Let me see that Bullseye one more time. And make it quick.

Stanley: Hey, Joe. Mind showing my mom how you fire a Magnum? Now, watch close. Joe used to be a Sentinel. He knows what he's doing. Show her how to detonate the rounds.

Frances: Oh... that looks dangerous!

Stanley: That's kind of the point, Ma.

Dale: Just got some EMP grenades from a group in Fort Gibson. Why don't you give 'em a try? They say those EMPs will work on most Chimeran shields, like the ones those Steelheads use--

Looks like you're good to go. And just remember who worked all damn night to get those--

Frances: Oh, no. They're here.

Susan: Joe. Death squad is coming into town. Come on!

Dale: Let's all get to our stations--and stay quiet!

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