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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 4: Paradise Lost

Check out part 5 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 3 with this online demo.


Tommy Dean: Dropships are headed toward town! Hurry!

Susan: Chimera incoming... body get underground...

Tommy Dean: Goliath!

Tommy Dean: Run past it! We gotta get back to town!

Susan: All Haven residents prepare for immediate evacuation... escape tunnel under the church...

Tommy Dean: Into the barn! Hurry! Look out! Into the house! That was close. Tommy Dean to base. Me and Joe are safe. But there's a Terraformer coming toward Haven.

Susan: Evacuation is already underway. You two get back here as quick as you can.

Tommy Dean: We're on our way. Aw, Christ. Out the back here. Lead the way, Joe. I'm right behind you. Steelhead! It's shooting through the walls! Kill them, Joe! Beauty! Watch out, there's one over here! That's all of them! Come on, we gotta get back to town! That Steelhead dropped it's Auger. It's yours, now. You hear that? I think there's more of them on the other side of this wall. Nice! It sounds like you've popped through his heatsack. Let's go! Look around for more of them. The Auger scope's got limited range. Move a little closer. Take them out! All right! More up on the right! Drop an Auger shield, Joe! That shield will stop anything except Auger rounds. Those go through everything. Take cover! Come on, before it comes back around! Rockets incoming! Keep going! Goddamn! Goddamn! Gotta keep running! Up the stairs to the outpost! Son of a bitch. I think that's Paul Tressel. Son of a bitch.

I know I should be sad, but I ain't. Just angry. Let's get back to town! We get through the mill and we're home free! Come on, Joe! Take them out! Good one! They're onto us now! Take them down! Moving up! You okay, Joe? Dropship to the north! Good one, Joe! Another dropship! I'll hold up here! Nice! I've got this one over here! Good shot! We did it! Let's get through the rest of the mill. Come on!

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