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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 5: Paradise Lost

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 3 with this online demo.


Tommy Dean: Take them one at a time!

I think that's all of them.

That was a close one! You okay, Joe?

Let's get back to town!

Sounds like our guys have them held on the bridge. Let's flank them. Ready?

Anson: Just a few left!

Tommy Dean: Couple more!

Last one!

All clear!

Anson: Goddamn, good work, everyone.

Thanks, Joe. You got here just in time.

Joe Capelli: Where's Susan?

Anson: Last I saw her she was near the bank.

Joe Capelli: Scrounge for weapons and ammo, then get back to town. There's more of them on the way.

Susan: Joe.

Joe Capelli: Susan! Is Jack okay?

Susan: Yes, he's in the tunnel.

Joe Capelli: Get him. Grab all the food, water, and blankets you can carry.

Lester, barricade that street. Chimeran ground troops will be here in a few minutes. We'll have to hold them off till the rest of the town evacuates. I want to know who got us into this mess.

Malikov, you goddamned fool! You led them right to us!

Malikov: Still have the anger issues, I see.

Susan: What's going on?

Joe Capelli: Nothing, just a crazy old man.

Malikov: Joseph, you must listen. When Nathan detonated the bomb in Mexico, it acted as a catalyst. Power surged through the Chimeran tower network toward New York City. There, it activated a bridge through space and time, what I call a wormhole. Its purpose is a mystery, but its effects are clear. That tower in New York is slowly freezing our entire planet. I have been trying to find you for months.

Susan: We're moving everybody upstate. We might have room for one more.

Malikov: No, you don't understand. I came here for Joseph. We must travel to New York City. We must shut down the tower.

Joe Capelli: Not a chance in hell.

Malikov: Temperatures are dropping faster. We will not survive the winter. Any of us.

Man: Joe! More dropships, end of Main Street!

Joe Capelli: I'll be right there.

Malikov: Joseph, I am the only man alive who knows how to shut down that tower. I need you to protect me on the way to New York.

Joe Capelli: You want protection? Here.

Follow the tunnel under the church. I'll be right behind you.

Susan: I'll call you and let you know when everyone's out.

Joe Capelli: Don't wait for us. You and Jack get out of here. Promise.

Lester: Come on, Joe.

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