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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 6: Women and Children First

Check out part 7 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 4 with this online demo.


Lester: Let's regroup in the shop.

Havenite 1: We need help out at the junkyard! They're moving in! We can't hold them back! I'm hit!

Havenite 2: Ricky, get up. Ricky!

Lester: Take this Marksman, Joe. I put a few turrets in there. Use them if you get into trouble. We've got to hold these sons of bitches back while the rest of the town evacuates. Let's go! Spread out! Get behind cover!

Bobby: Dropship! Here they come!

Ray: Stay together!

Lester: Hybrids!

Bobby: They're climbing over the fence!

Lester: Hold them back!

Ray: Watch it, Joe! Three left!

Bobby: Another dropship!

Lester: They're moving in from the east!

Bobby: Two more.

Lester: One more. Take him out. Susan, is everyone out yet?

Susan: We need more time.

Lester: I hear you. We're trying. Longlegs!

Ray: If you've got Bullseye tags, use them.

Lester: Careful, Joe!

Ray: Watch it, Joe! They're going right over us.

Lester: Got it. Fall back. Fall back.

Bobby: Moving out. Back to the shop!

Lester: Susan, they're coming your way.

Susan: We're almost out, just a few more people. Get back to the church.

Lester: Good shooting, boys. Don't let up, now. Let's keep these suckers from getting to the church.

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