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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 8: Wrightsburg

Check out part 9 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 5 with this online demo.


Malikov: Bah! The fog is thickening, and I have lost the river. Stay prepared, Joseph. We may find trouble ahead.

Male: The Chimera have changed their strategy. They used to capture us, send us to conversion centers and turn us into Hybrids, or worse. Now they kill us, and just leave our bodies to rot. Why the change? Alas, it is a mystery to me. To uncover the Chimeran plan, I must look to their history, their origin, their true nature.

Freddie: Your pal Freddie, here. Got some folks on the line who'd like to pass along some messages.

Go ahead Arkansas.

Renaldo: This is Renaldo Tunney from Deer Creek, Arkansas. I just want to tell my family I'm okay. Our hunting party was attacked by some damn Hybrids, but I got away. I'll come back to the hideout as soon as it gets dark. I love you, honey.

Freddie: Indiana, you're on the line.

Irma: This is Irma Lindeman of Terre Haute, Indiana. I'm looking for my daughter, Molly. She's six years old, long, dark hair and brown eyes. Molly, if you're out there, please call Mommy and let me know you're okay.

Freddie: And Texas, go ahead.

Tyler: Tyler Baker from Beaumont, Texas. We're running real low on food down here, but we got plenty of fresh water and more medicine than we need. Call me to set up a trade. Please.

Freddie: There it is, folks. Remember, if you have any messages you'd like me to pass long, just contact me at 1400 kilohertz.

Malikov: The roadway is blocked. We will follow the river through this mill.

Look, Joseph. Straight ahead. A Kraken! It must have lost it's way from deeper waters. What a fascinating creature. If only we had time to stop and examine the carcass.

Do not interrupt the Leapers while they are feeding. If those Leapers are any indication, we may not be as safe on these waters as I had hoped.

Here, take this. It has not been fired for some time. Test it on those blast roots over there. Good. That shotgun is effective in close quarters only. But I modified its secondary fire with longer-range concussion grenades. Try it. Very good. If you need more ammunition you should find it in the container on the main deck.

Oh no. A Goliath! Approaching from the southwest! The waters branch here. Let us see where this takes us. We must stay away from the Goliath.

Look how the ice is collecting on the Chimeran power conduits. The passage looks a bit narrow. But I think I can squeeze through. Hold on!

Damn! We are stuck on the ice! I will try to push through. Perhaps the shotgun could help break up the ice. Excellent! We are free.

Ah, the water is shallow. But we must keep moving.

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