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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 9: Wrightsburg

Check out part 10 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 5 with this online demo.


Doctor Malikov: Joseph, did you hear that? Hello? Is anyone there? Grims! Gah! They are jumping onto the boat! They are in the water! They are climbing onto the boat! Grims on the left! Bah! This route is no good. There are too many Grims. We must find open water. This street leads to the docks. Open water should be ahead! More Grims, on the roof of the diner! More ice. I will try to speed through it! We are stuck on the ice again! Quickly, Joseph! They are boarding the boat! Keep them off the boat, Joseph! We should be safe now that we have found more open waters. You did very well, Joseph.

Freddie: Freddie Valmore here, with an update on Molly Lindeman, the missing girl from Terre Haute, Indiana.

Roger: This here is Roger Sandor from Prairie Creek Township. Mrs. Lindeman, we have your girl, Molly. There's a cabin on the north end of Doyle Lake. Meet us there and we'll have Molly waiting for you.

Freddie: And there it is, folks. As I always say, keep helping each other and together we'll get through this.

Malikov: Shock Drones! It appears they are attacking a group of Leapers. Those Leapers must be feral. Evolved independently, free of the hive mind. Very curious. This phenomenon requires further study. They have seen us! Gah! They have shorted the engine! Start, you blasted boat. Start! Come on! I got it! Hold on! Not again! Joseph, I am trying. Hold on! Good work, Joseph.

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