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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 13: Friends in Low Places

Check out part 14 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 7 with this online demo.


Martin: Glenda! Hybrid moving in on your two o'clock!

Glenda: I see him!

Ellis: They're camping out in the upper floors!

Glenda: Hybrid! Third floor, right side!

Martin: Steelhead, top of the stairs!

Ellis: Hey, you! Over here!


Martin: Jesus Christ, don't they ever quit?

They're getting too close!

Glenda: Keep firing!

Ellis: Longlegs! Tag them when they land!

Male: There are bad guys over here! Keep it up.

Glenda: We're all clear!

Ellis: Hey new guy, over here!

Thanks for the help, fella. Name's Ellis. This here is Glenda and Martin.

Glenda: Good shooting out there.

Martin: Yeah. We could use a guy like you around here.

Ellis: No doubt. But that's Charlie's call.

Glenda: Dropship!

Ellis: Spread out. Keep them away from the VTOL!

Martin: I got the right side!

Glenda: I'll take the left!

Ellis: Oh, shit. Ravager!

Hit him hard!

Glenda: Kill him before he gets close!

Ellis: Get behind cover!

Martin: Take him down!

Glenda: Dropships!

Ellis: Everybody into the pub!

Martin: Hey new guy, into the pub!

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