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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 14: Friends in Low Places

Check out part 15 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 7 with this online demo.


Ellis: Let's hunker down here until the drop-ships are gone.

Glenda: Grenades and ammo up on the second floor.

Ellis: Good. Load up. This might get a little hairy.

Charlie: Ellis? It's Charlie. I'm on my way. Where are you?

Ellis: We're holed up in the pub. But don't worry, we got it covered. We got a new friend here. He helped us out. Guy's a helluva fighter, Charlie.

Charlie: Get back to the hideout as soon as you can. And bring your new friend.

Ellis: We'll head out as soon as the skies are clear.

Martin: Dropship coming in from the west.

Ellis: Listen up. Let's hit these bastards in the street. Keep them away from the doors. Got it?

Here they come! Coming from the south!

Martin: More of them. To the south!

Glenda: I see them. They're moving in from the south.

Martin: Front door! Front door! They're breaking in!

Ellis: Shit! They're coming in. Watch your backs!

Glenda: Good shooting.

Ellis: Eyes up! Dropship incoming.

Stay out of the streets.

Glenda: They're moving in from the west. Son of a bitch!

Martin: From the west! Coming down the street!

Glenda: Love this guy already.

Ellis: Son of a bitch! Ravagers! Hit them in the doorway.

Glenda: They're downstairs!

Martin: I can't hold them.

Ellis: Just keep shooting.

Martin: Watch out.

Ellis: Stay out of the streets.

Martin: That's all of them.

Ellis: Good work everybody.

Glenda: The skies are clear. No more dropships.

Ellis: Now's our chance. Let's move!

Glenda: Right behind you.

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