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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 15: Friends in Low Places

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 7 with this online demo.


Ellis: Over here! Come on, this way!

Martin: Aw, hell! Not another dropship!

Ellis: Come on, we got to move! Come on, this way! Good work back there, fella. You got a nice style.

Glenda: Easy on the eyes, too.

Ellis: Man's married, Glenda. Didn't you see his ring?

Glenda: Doesn't mean I can't pay him a compliment. You jealous?

Ellis: Enough. Charlie will decide what to do with him once we get back to the hideout. Charlie's our leader. After the Chimera invaded, he brought all of us together, all of us Remnants.

Glenda: Charlie was an officer in the Army.

Ellis: Is that what he told you?

Glenda: He wasn't an officer?

Ellis: He wasn't in the Army. Not officially, anyway.

Glenda: That lying son of a bitch.

Martin: What do you mean, not officially?

Ellis: Charlie's father was a senator, wanted him to go to college, study politics, all that. Charlie left home on his way to Harvard, but took a detour, showed up at Fort Benning. Talked his way onto the base, broke into the commander's office, forged some paperwork. The next day we had a new Sargent.

Martin: That sounds like Charlie.

Ellis: Brawler! Oh, he's pissed now! He's angry! More Hybrids, 12 o'clock!

Martin: Run! He got one!

Ellis: Keep it up! You almost got him!

Glenda: It's down! He killed it!

Ellis: Good job everyone.

Martin: Holy cow. I thought we were goners.

Ellis: Come on. Let's get out of here.

Martin: Ladies first.

Glenda: Look out below!

Charlie: Ellis, where are you?

Ellis: We're almost to the hideout.

Charlie: Still got that friend of yours with you?

Ellis: Sure do. Big man just took out a Brawler.

Charlie: Did he now? Well, can't wait to meet him. He and I may have some business to discuss.

My name's Charlie Tent. You must be Joseph.

Joseph: How do you know my name? Malikov!

Charlie: He's been calling for you ever since we found him.

Joseph: It's infected. You got any penicillin?

Charlie: Hm. There's one little problem. Our only aircraft is out in the open, with no power.

Joseph: What do you want?

Charlie: I want a new power supply. Same kind they use in those Chimaran dropships.

Joseph: Dropship, huh? That's a big job.

Charlie: Life's pretty simple, Joe. We fight or we die. I'm guessing by virtue of the fact you're still breathing, you're one of the fighting type. Like us. Am I right?

Joseph: All right here's the deal. You give the old man some pills, I'll help you take down a dropship. Then, once the VTOL is powered up and he's healthy enough to travel, you give us both a ride to New York City.

Charlie: You better be worth it. Now, let's get to work setting up that ambush.

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