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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 17: The Plan

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 8 with this online demo.


Charlie: Ernie's dead! Grab the power core! Out the back, this way! Stop here. Watch it, Joe. If that power core is shot, it's all over. Stay close and do exactly what I say. Let's move! I've got this one over here. Get behind me! Widowmaker. We're in trouble now. Goddamn, they are fighting with eachother. Come on, while they are keeping her busy. Watch yourself, Joe! Hold on, I've got to catch my breath. Okay, let's keep moving. We have to get that power core to safety. Look! Through the skylights! We're not out of the woods yet! Holy shit. She took down a dropship! We're almost there. Come on, Joe! We'll lose them in the apartments! Hold it. She's killing everything in her path. Okay, come on. Let's get that power core out of here. We're almost to the safe house. Jesus Christ. Now, run! We're almost there, come on Joe! Keep up. Shit. Shit. Keep running! Get down here, Joe! Into the hideout, hurry! We made it. Goddamn. I don't mind saying, Joe. That was downright questionable for a second there. Ellis, you there?

Ellis: Charlie, glad to hear your voice.

Charlie: You too, pal.

Ellis: You got the power supply?

Charlie: Yeah.

Ellis: So what's next?

Charlie: I think we can make it across the rooftops.

Ellis: All right, I'll send over the gondola.

Charlie: People died today, I know that, but listen. It's a shitty world out there. You get to thinking too much about it, you pull yourself down. Guys like you and me, we can't let that happen. We've got to show everyone else how to live. Know what I mean? Buck up, nobody said this was going to be easy. My turn. Load up on ammo. Don't want you running low while you're watching my back. You are going to watch my back, right Joe? Grab some molotovs, Joe. Good. Try not to set yourself on fire, okay? You clear a path, I'll follow.

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