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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 19: Plan B

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 9 with this online demo.


Charlie: I'll go get help. I'm coming back for you, Joe! Holy shit! Would you look at that mess? Well, Joe, looks like you earned that trip to New York City.

Joe: Susan? Susan, Jack, they're in trouble.

Doctor Malikov: It was just a dream, Joseph.

Joe: I need you to go and check on my family.

Charlie: What?

Joe: My wife and son. In Baxter Springs, Oklahoma.

Charlie: Oklahoma? Shit. Ellis, bring us down! Grab my hand!

Ellis: They are coming back around. We're sitting ducks here Charlie!

Joe: My family.

Charlie: I'll find them, I promise. Ellis, get us out of here!

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