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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 22: Savior

Check out part 23 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 11 with this online demo.


Jean: Jonathan, my husband, is the leader of our congregation. There aren't many of us left. There's a creature in the mines, early on it took whole families. We tried to fight it, but we lost a hundred folks in the first month. We're more careful now.

Malikov: Tell me more about this creature.

Jean: It comes out through the earth. Like Satan himself. It's infected most of the town, turned them into Grims, and worse. We build walls to keep them out, but they just break through. Jonathan tells us that all of this is God's way of testing our faith. Like Job in the good book. We do our best. We fight. We pray. But sometimes, there is so much sadness. And sickness. And death.

Malikov: Why don't you just leave?

Jean: Leave? No sir. This is our land, given to us by God. If we're meant to die here, so be it. Few months back a group of folks lost their faith and decided to leave us. They made it half a mile outside town. They're with God now, bless their souls. When Jonathan left, he said that if he saw the creature he was going to try to kill it. I love my husband, but he's no fighter. Not like you. I prayed for you to come. I believe Jonathan is still alive out there. And I believe that God sent you here to go and find him. Please, help us.

Malikov: Joseph, we need that train. You must find this man who can fix it. Be careful.

Arthur: May God be with you. Leech!

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