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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 24: Savior

Check out part 25 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 11 with this online demo.


Jonathan: Back to Hell with you! Help me, friend! Grab that gun. Freeze the evil bastards! Good shooting. Now break it into pieces! Use the freeze gun and turn them into ice!

Thanks be to God. I thought we were dead men for sure. My name is Jonathan. Folks call me Father Jonathan, as I'm a man of God, put here to spread His word. I'm on my way to kill the creature in the mines. I ain't going back until it's dead.

This used to be one of the biggest coal processing plants in Pennsylvania. Worked here for 12 years before the Chimera came. Then the creature showed up. Killed off most of the town. I told my wife I was going to try and kill it if I could. With your help, I think our chances are pretty good.

There's an elevator here that leads to the mines. That's where the creature lives, deep in the coal shafts. When the Chimera first came, it was hard to keep folks spirits up. And I'm not going to lie. My own faith was tested a time or two. These are dark times, friend. Our town needs to get back on its feet. Getting rid of that creature is the first step.

Dang. Power's down. Let's check the breaker. I'll just flip this switch, then we'll be back in business. Uh-oh. Looks like the relay fuses went bad.

Grims and Leeches. God help us. I'll fix the fuses while you hold them back. Come on, this way. This way. Up the stairs! Watch my back while I replace these fuses! Let's see here.

Thanks. I'm working fast as I can. Thanks. Thanks. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Almost done! Just a few more seconds! Got it!

There's one more fuse box on the ground floor, come on! Are you okay, friend? Follow me. Let's get to that other fuse. Argh. This one looks tricky. I'll work as fast as I can. Ah. This is a mess.

Thanks. Thanks. I think I'm onto something here. Ah, I see. This goes here. Okay, almost there! There! That should do it! Good! Now let's get back to the elevator.

Just as David said to the Philistines, "I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty." God is with us, friend. And He's going to help us kill this son of a bitch. It's close. It knows we're coming for it.

I should warn you, this thing is one mean son-of-a-gun. Group of our best hunters came down here a while back. Twelve men, well-armed, knew these mines better than me. One of them made it out alive. Once. Damned thing took his left arm and half his left leg. And he counts himself lucky.

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