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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 25: Satan

Check out part 26 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 12 with this online demo.


Jonathan: I should warn you, this thing is one mean son-of-a-gun. Group of our best hunters came down here a while back. Twelve men, well-armed, knew these mines better than me. One of them made it out alive. Once. Damned thing took his left arm and half his left leg. And he counts himself lucky.

Mines have been locked up for months. Keys are lost. Take a look in that storage room over there, see if you can find anything that might help us get through these doors.

Acetylene tank. Good idea. Drop one next to the doors out here. Hell's bells, that was potent. Those tanks might come in handy against the creature. Come on!

Some of these tunnels ain't been reinforced yet. Stay low, watch yourself. Good work! Another locked door, you know what to do. Nice shooting! You catch on quick, friend. Let's move!

I can smell it. We're close. Whoa there! That was a close one. Keep moving, try to keep quiet. There it is! That's it, keep shooting! Shoot it's eye! We hurt it, now it's angry. Next time won't be so easy. Come on, let's keep on it. Can't let it get away.

We're safer in the smaller tunnels, these big caverns make me nervous.

Thanks! We might just have a chance to beat this thing. Come on. There it is! Run! To the smaller tunnel! Into the smaller tunnel. Hurry!

We can't fight it here. The tunnel's too narrow. Come on, let's try to get around behind it. It's seen us! Oh God! Run! Keep running! Faster! Don't Stop!

It's trapped. The opening's too small for it. Thank you, friend. We've got to get out of this cavern and find a smaller tunnel. Come on.

It's here. Quick, into the tunnel! We're safe, for now. Come on, this way!

No! No! Let me go! Help me!

Its eyes! Go for its eyes! Go for its eyes! That's it. Keep shooting! Nice shoot!

You blinded it! It's hurt! Find the acetylene tanks! Throw the tank while it's blind! Yes! Now shoot the tank!

It's getting away! Leave me here. You have to find it. You have to kill it. Please, come back for me later. Go, now!

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