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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 27: Nature of the Beast

Check out part 28 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 13 with this online demo.


Mick: Listen up. We're taking this train and everything on it. You stop it now and nobody gets hurt.

Malikov: We will not stop. You have no right.

Mick: You want to do it the hard way? Okay by me. Light them up, boys!

Malikov: They're following us! They're animals, Joseph. Murderers! Keep them off the train!

Mick: You can't hide from me! Suck on this! There's a tunnel ahead. Stay with them! I see them!

Malikov: We are fortunate to have survived. You will find and ammunition supply in the rear of the train.

Violence. Selfishness. As individuals, it is our strength. But as a species, it is our greatest weakness.

They have followed us! They are on the left side of the train!

Mick: Suck on this!

Malikov: More of them! On the right of the train!

Mick: Climb aboard. He's got nowhere to run.

Malikov: Those trucks! They are going to board the train! Stop them, Joseph! Get to the back of the train! They are boarding!

Mick: You're a dead man now!

Malikov: There is more ammunition at the back of the train! The caboose is unstable! It is coming off the tracks! Joseph, you must run to the back of the train and detach the caboose! The cab... Just in time.

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