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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 30: The Encore

Check out part 31 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 15 with this online demo.


Herbert: Joseph. Joseph! That's your name, isn't it? I found this book among Doctor Malikov's things. He was a brilliant man. My name is Herbert Sawikki. I've been Mick's lackey for over three years. I'm tired of being a victim. No more. I have a plan to escape, but we need to move quickly. You see that drone up there? There are four of them around the prison. You need to disable them. Here, I made something that should keep you safe. You can pull the trigger to fire quickly, or hold it down to build up pressure for a more powerful shot. Take the radio, too. I'll get the door.

Guard: What was that?

Warden: Quit begging. I ain't going to let you out. Just accept it. You're all going to die here.

But don't take is personal. Lots of people die here.

Herbert: I should've warned you. That weapon tends to have some rather unpredictable results.

Guard: Hey! How'd you get out of your cell?

Guard: Hey, Tom, you screwing around again?

Herbert: With an aerosol can hooked up to the Mutator, you can disperse a cloud into a group.

Guard: You seen that guy?

Guard: Yeah, he's good.

Herbert: I created that weapon using tissue samples from a Chimeran Leech. More effective than I could have imagined.

Guard: You son of a bitch!

Girl: Evelyn are you out there? Evelyn? Please answer me! Evelyn!

Herbert: You have to disable it. Right now, the drones are sending an "all-clear" signal to any nearby Chimeran patrols. But we're going to change that tonight.

Warden: You ain't supposed to be in here, Herbert.

Herbert: unfortunate. We were almost compromised. I should be more careful. I can open up the security doors from these stations. Follow me, I'll open up the showers wing for you. This used to be the central control hub for the whole prison. Now they use it for entertainment, of a sort. They call themselves Wardens. They used to be prisoners here. But now they live on the other side of the bars. There's no explanation for their behavior. They're just drunk with power, or fear, or both. Let's see here. The drone should be up on a catwalk at the far end of the room. But you'll have to go through the showers to get there. My apologies. Good luck, Joseph.

Guard: Bet there won't be nothing left.

Guard: Why does Mick put us on guard duty during meals?

Guard: Everybody spread out. He's in here somewhere.

Guard: There he is!

Guard: Oh shit, I'm hurting good.

Guard: He's in the other room. Get him!

Guard: Incoming!

Guard: Don't let up!

Guard: Suck on this!

Guard: Incoming!

Herbert: Good. The next drone is in Cellblock B. There should be a hallway to your left--through the library.

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