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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 32: The Encore

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 15 with this online demo.


Herbert: Look, the Chimera are starting to investigate! Our plan is working! We just have one more drone to disable then this place will be swarming with them. Get to the cafeteria, on the lower level. I'll meet you in the kitchen.

Mick: Dinner's over, boys. We need all hands on deck. Herbert and his new friend Joe think they're going to bring us down. Let's show them what happens when you fuck with the Wardens.

Herbert: The Wardens are done with dinner. Now's our chance to get into the cafeteria and destroy the final drone. Get to the cafeteria, Joseph. We are close to freedom!

Joseph, over here! Don't worry about those drones. The one we want is in the cafeteria. Maybe this one. Get rid of the rest of the kitchen crew. I'm going to use the maintenance tunnel to go around. I'll meet you in the kitchen.

I'm behind the wall, over here! Wait a minute. There's something wrong with this drone.

Mick: You looking for this? Herbert, you piece of shit. We've been good to you. We kept you safe all these years. You think you can survive outside these walls? Ha! You wouldn't last a week.

Get them, boys!

Herbert: Oh no, you're trapped. This door is locked. If you give me a couple minutes, I think I can rewire it. But you won't like where it leads to.

Door's still stuck. Just a little longer!

Mick: Flush them, boys!

Herbert: Give me just a minute more! Look around for some health packs!

Mick: Come on boys! He ain't that tough!

Herbert: Almost there.

Mick: Don't let him bunker down! Flank him! More, more, more! Get everybody in there!

Herbert: I got it! I got it! The door is open! Back here!

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