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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 34: Retribution

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 16 with this online demo.


Mick: Dropship in the motor pool. Get the rockets out there and bring it down.

Herbert: Our plan is working. The Chimera are starting to attack. I'll free the rest of the prisoners while the wardens deal with the Chimera.

Mick: Don't worry, boys, we'll be fine as soon as we kill these Chimera. I've still got a drone in here.

Herbert: We can't let Mick escape with that last drone. Let's make sure he can't hurt anyone else ever again.

Man: Let's go, rock and roll!

Mick: I see any of you cowards running away, I'll hunt . . .

Herbert: The Chimera have breached the prison. The last load is in the central arena. There's a shortcut, take the service elevator from the loading docks ahead. Hurry, before this place is overrun.

Mick has the last drone up on the central tower, on his throne. At least he's predictable. You might be wondering why I've been helping Mick for so long. I'm not proud of it. There is blood on my hands, but we all do what we have to in order to survive. Things are getting crazy up here, Joe. Chimera, everywhere. I'm going to get the rest of the prisoners out. Meet you back here.

Mick: You're the one who killed Nathan Hale, aren't you? They say you got kicked out of S.R.P.A. Me too. There ain't many of us left. Men like us, we're born to fight. You want this? You're going to pay for that.

Herbert: I managed to free some of the others, but we've got to move! Come on, come on!

I didn't think I'd ever get out of there alive. If there's ever anything I can do to repay you.

Joe: Take care of each other.

Hello? I'm not even sure if this thing's working. My name is Joe Capelli. This message is for my wife, Susan. I miss you! I made it. I'm in New York, close to the tower, I think. If I can make it there alive, I'll try and destroy it, but Malikov is dead. If he were here, I might have a chance. I did like you said. I tried my best. I love you. Tell Jack, I loved him.

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