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Resistance 3 Walkthrough Part 40: Sabotage

Check out part 41 of this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 19 with this online demo.


We found a landing spot close by. Ellis is staying here and watching the VTOL. I'm moving inside to have a look around. Way I see it, must take a whole lot of energy to keep this thing afloat. If we find the energy source, and shut it down, we might just have a chance to crash this baby into that tower. Keep moving. Let's meet inside and find that power source.

There you are. This way. Grab some ammo. Listen, I found a control room and I think I disabled their navigation systems. We're drifting right in line with the tower. Now, we just got to find a way to cut the power and we can drop this thing outta the sky. Let's override these door controls. Let's go. Christ! This place is crawling with bad guys. I got your back.

That's all of them. Come on, this way. Here's the energy core at the top of the beam. See all those conduits? They're bringing energy from the core to the rest of the terraformer. I'm thinking we follow those conduits, they'll lead us right to the core. They got all the doors locked. Let's see here. They're unlocked now. Let's move.

After you, Joe. Shit! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Last one. Keep going. Seems like the right way.

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