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Resistance 3 Ending: The Promise

Check out this walkthrough for the first persion shooter "Resistance 3" and beat Chapter 20 with this online demo.


Charlie: According to the map, the core will probably have a nice big shield around it. Look for power rods close by -- smash them, and the shields should come down.

It's working! Keep at it!

The Terraformer's starting to lose power! It's falling straight toward the tower!

This whole place is coming apart! Finish it off, and get out of there!

You did it!

I think I know where you are -- get out of that room and onto the platform outside. Ellis and I will be there as fast as we can.

Ellis, get us out of the city!

Newscaster: Attention residents of Baxter Springs. We're getting reports from all over the east coast. Something happened in New York City, some kind of bright flash in the sky. Maybe an explosion. Some folks are saying the whole city is gone. Let's hope that's not true. But get this -- they say the sun is now shining. And temperatures are rising. It's already 62 in Philadelphia, 63 in Rochester.

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