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Bastion Walkthrough Part 1: The Rippling Walls

Check out this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "The Rippling Walls" with this online demo.


Proper story is supposed to start from the beginning. Ain't so simple with this one. Now, here's a kid whose whole world got all twisted, leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky. He gets up. Sets off for the Bastion. Where everyone agreed to go in case of trouble. Ground forms up under his feet as if pointing the way. He don't stop to wonder why. Finds his lifelong friend just lying in the road. Well, it's a touching reunion. He sees what's left of the Rippling Walls, years of work undone in an instant, in the Calamity. That a survivor? No ma'am, it's a Gasfella, forced out from underground. Kid pops him good. Fellow got a piece of him though. Kid just rages for a while. An old repeater falls from the sky. Ain't a gift from the Gods, but it'll have to do. Kid's worked up quite a thirst by now, so that fountain looks real inviting. Sometimes you just need a drink. A school of Squirts tunnels up around him. Must have fled here from the mines.

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