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Bastion Walkthrough Part 4: The Wharf District (2 of 2)

Check out this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "The Wharf District" with this online demo.


An old ferry barge sends the Kid on his way. The Bastion's real close now. Kid takes a chunk of alloy. Smell of barley and spoiled blueberries fills the air. Scumbags, Kid maybe shouldn't have done what he just did. Robs a Scumbag of his last meal. Kid puts him out of his misery. He finds the Core to the Wharf District. He steals the City's heart, might as well. Kid has a feeling he better get a move on, the place is starting to fall. See, that Core Kid took was the only thing making this particular rock stay afloat. Kid just keeps running.

At last the Skyway's in sight. Whisks him where he needs to go. Now the Kid sees something stranger still. His mind races. Did anybody else survive? Sure enough, he finds another. He finds me. We talk for a spell. There's a bit of the Bastion's power in that crest. Enough to point the way to the Cores. All I tell him is to set that Core of his on the monument there, then watch. And just like that, the Bastion comes alive, starts growing again, growing stronger. Kid's got to put its power to good use. Now the Bastion can send him even farther, into the Wild Unknown.

Ain't always much to say. Kid ponders what to build. Makes time to sample spirits from my personal supply. Werewhisky has no scent, but tastes like a peppered bootheel. It's not for everyone. Kid don't know what's out there waiting for him.

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