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Bastion Walkthrough Part 11: Pyth Orchard

Check out this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Pyth Orchard" with this online demo.


There's Pyth Orchard, built in honor of the Bull, and folks like Zulf, who pray to him. No use praying to the gods these days. No time for it either. Pyth Orchard, this place is a dead end in more ways than one. Folks used to make pilgrimage here, to pay their respects to Pyth, the Bull. Well, the gods are long gone now, and the orchard Core is long gone, too. Seems Pyth ain't much of a watchdog. The gods don't care about trinkets, but the Kid ain't no god. Pyth stood for something once, something real. In time though, the Bull stopped being a symbol, and started being decoration. He couldn't even save his loyal subjects. Pyth makes a decent scarecrow at least. That Pyth lights up like a rodeo. Ain't easy punching through his hide. Kid breaks it to bits. Must have been guarding that shrine. So what'll it be, invoke the gods, or tell them off? Pyth. Kid decides to press his luck. Well if the gods are alive, they must be plenty sore. Kid ain't ever seen Windbags that quick. Maybe old Pyth put a scare in them. The gods ain't gonna catch you if you fall. Kid passes Pyth's trial, and he's richer for it. Kid ain't found a Core, but at least he found Zulf's precious shrine.

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