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Bastion Walkthrough Part 16: Who Knows Where (1 of 2)

Check out part 17 of this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Who Knows Where" with this online demo.


Kid shows up just as Zulf is telling me about his own journey to the city. It seems the only thing the Calamity saved for Zulf was his smoking pipe. Poor Kid collapses after just one drag. The past, the only good thing to ever to come out of the past is history. The past catches up with Kid. He's hardly had a moment's rest since all this started. Fair to say he's led a hard life, supposing what he says in his sleep ain't no lie.

He never knew his old man, but he had his momma to take care of, frail thing with pure white hair like his. Having his momma's hair did the Kid no favors while he was growing up, but he learned to hold his own out there. School ain't working out, so the Kid signs up for a turn on the Rippling Walls. Make his momma some money. Thanks to folks like the Kid, the walls kept Caelondia safe from whatever is out there, the elements, the Ura, you name it. Once the Kid done his time, he hurried on home. Turns out his momma's time was done too.

The City had nothing for him. The money he had been sending home was nowhere to be found, neither. So what did the Kid do? Why he went right on back to the Walls for another five years. In the history of Caelondia, nobody has ever volunteered for a second shift on the Walls. Out there, Kid learned to fend for himself, learn to build, learn to break.

In time, the Kid earned good standing with the Marshals. They trusted him to scout out farther than anybody.

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