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Bastion Walkthrough Part 21: Langston River

Check out this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Langston River" with this online demo.


The Langston River flowed free and wild, 'til the calamity drank it all up. Maybe all that water just grew wings, and flew off. Riverbanks swarmin' with windbags; they're so bent on findin' The Core, they hardly notice the kid. Lucky for him, a certain famous ferry barge is still afloat: Weepin' Nelly. She'll send some squirts cryin' home, and she leaves port. Maybe Nelly knows the way to The Core. Maybe she can slip right past all the clamor on the coast...or maybe not. Security skiff pulls up, port side. Nelly's just another windbag to those guns.

Just then, the windbags notice who she's sailing with. They're pretty steamed about what happened at Sinnaprig; they try to cut her off. They try to slow her down, they try to knock her out. Well, Weepin' Nelly tries harder. Try as she might, though, she hits a snag. Kid's gotta help her get untangled, favors for favors. Least she picked a good spot for a break, 'cause The Core is right there. He takes a hard hit, but he ain't finished.

Then, the kid hears an unusual sound, like a hundred flapping' wings: Peckers. They had their own eyes on The Core; but why? Well, kid ain't got the time to think it over just yet. He finds Weepin' Nelly, rarin' to go. Turns out she's got a special surprise for when the waters get rough. She's gonna need a little help with all them Peckers. Traffy things think they're the king of the roost now. Rest of us only wish we'd fly in time for their [Inaudible 00:05:19].

Security skiffs keep on comin', starboard side. Don't seem to care what they shoot, long as they hit somethin'. The windbags get an even better idea: they aim to smash Weepin' Nelly to splinters. Well, it all proves too much for poor Nelly. She's just gotta make one last stop. With her last breath, Nelly gets the kid to solid ground. Solid ground-- in Pecker country. Seems like the calamity ain't hurr the Pecker's appetites. They want that Core, real bad. Kid shoos him off, but knowing they'll be back. Know how many times the kid nearly fell of the barge back there? A good couple'a times. Now, listen close.

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