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Bastion Walkthrough Part 24: Jawson Bog (1 of 2)

Check out part 25 of this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Jawson Bog" with this online demo.


The less said about Jawson Bog, the better. That place will eat your mind. After Zulf's little episode, Kid sets off in search of Shards. First stop, Jawson Bog. "You'll get lost in that bog," I told the Kid, "and I won't be able to guide you back." Well I let him go. What else could I do? What could any of us do. Zulf put us in a real bind, hurt the Bastion bad. But the Shards can make it better. They're like smaller doses of the Core's medicine. Shame the only place to fill that prescription is out here in the Wilds. This place is intoxicating. Don't know where he's gone, might be gone for good, for all I know. Wherever he is, somewhere I've never been, somewhere I never want to go.

The dead welcome him with open arms. Kid hops them good. That a survivor? No ma'am, it's a lonesome ghost of the gas seller. What do you say to a Kid who's seen too much? I'm Zulf of Ura, pleased to meet your acquaintance. Now the Kid sees something stranger still, did anybody else survive? Sure enough he finds Peckers, Lunkheads, Wallflowers, Pincushions, Vineapples, Swampweeds, Anklegators. Now the Bastion can send him even farther in the Wild Unknown.

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