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Bastion Walkthrough Part 30: Point Lemaign (1 of 2)

Check out part 31 of this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Point Lemaign" with this online demo.


Few places steeped in history and sweat so much as this, Point Lemaign. If Wilds could ever be tamed, it was going to happen right here. But now, the greatest outpost past the City line is nothing but a freak show. The Army's Triggers once had the place on lockdown. Kid might as well pick up where they left off. Blam, just like my fighting days! Gun like that can even put the Wilds in check. Point Lemaign's seen better days for sure, but it aint done. Whole place shudders in a fit.

The Grand Rail of Point Lemaign, not only is it still there, it still works! Of course it's no longer shipping hides and alloys and spices, but it can give the Kid a lift. Just as long as he can stay clear of the trouble on the tracks. The Grand Rail's all grown over with things the Calamity chewed up and spat out, things eager to take back their turf. Kid lets a few of them slip by. Lunkheads settled in like they own the place. Not much wiggle room up there near the Rail. Caelondia lost many good men on the Rail. Takes fancy footwork on the Rail what with Wallflowers coughing fungus everywhere. There's only one way to cure a cough like that.

Place used to be closed off but now it's split open like a rotten Vineapple. Of course the Grand Rail's seen much more fighting in bygone times. Near on fifty years ago, first shots fired in the Ura-Caelondian War.

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