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Bastion Walkthrough Part 32: Colford Cauldron (1 of 2)

Check out part 33 of this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Colford Cauldron" with this online demo.


No risk at Colford Cauldron ever erupting again, they used to say. Guess they were wrong. One thing's worse than the heat in Colford Cauldron... the smell. Like rotten eggs. The Cauldron boiled over some 300 years ago. They say it filled the skies with ash, and the lakes with molten rock. If you wanted to survive something like that... you had to learn to adapt. So in a way, the beasts of the Wilds... they're all survivors, too.

It takes a certain stubborn pride to keep on living in a place like this. As for us? We learned an awful lot from Colford Cauldron. That learning led to some... interesting inventions. The raw power of the world fell right into our hands. Playing with the Cauldron's fires... became an addiction. Can't fault our people for their natural curiosity, now can you?

Sure we dusted off a good many secrets out here. But we discovered other things we're better off not knowing. The unforgiving scent of sulfurous dirt. The taste of air so hot it sticks to your lungs. All sorts of awful things crawling underfoot. You can cook those things, but you can't eat them.

Never thought we'd find so much life in all that ash. The more ash we swept aside, the more life we found. Best to keep out of the Cauldron. Place is inhospitable as they come. But still we pressed on. We kept on sifting through the Cauldron's secrets anyway.

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