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Bastion Walkthrough Part 35: Mount Zand (1 of 2)

Check out part 36 of this walkthrough for the action/RPG game Bastion and beat "Mount Zand" with this online demo.


Not much left of Mount Zand nowadays. It's like a cross between a zoo and a prison break. The beasts of the Wild came down from the mountains. There's no more mountains now. So they figure they'll hold out right here, on a slab of mountain the Calamity forgot. There's no place left for the beasts of the Wild to go. Good thing for those beasts, the Calamity saved leftovers. We only found their little lair because they found themselves a little Shard. The beasts of Mount Zand go all out. Those beasts been hoarding all the valuables they could find. It's a delicate situation. The creatures of the Wild, they've been building a Bastion of their own. But they ain't yet prepared for any company. They even dragged their children into this. Without a doubt, the situation stinks. Besides, we have to take back what's ours. Best thing we can do for those beasts right now is put them down, quick and clean. What the City left behind, those beasts took for themselves.

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